About the Messenger

From her teenaged public profession of faith at a Billy Graham crusade to her post graduate studies at Christ for the Nations Institute, Marie Brown has been a woman on fire for God. In the early 1980s, she acted as a courier, smuggling Bibles and other materials behind the Iron Curtain.

Around that time, she accompanied Dr. Daisy Washburn Osborn on an African tour of ministry. This experience launched Marie into a five-month period of preaching and teaching, during which she ministered alongside the founder of the largest African mission in Kenya. States Marie, "It was there I truly began to do what I was called to do." Marie Brown Ministries was incorporated in 1984.

The first ten years of ministry focused on evangelism: open air crusades in the developing world, and revival meetings in local churches in the West.

By the mid-1990s, Marie sensed a change taking place. Great evangelists and church planters were emerging among nationals in many countries. The glaring need seemed now to be in the area of discipleship and leadership training.

Churches were being filled, yet people often were not staying beyond a year. Since many of the pastors had never had any systematic teaching, Marie Brown Ministries began offering training to empower leaders who, in turn, could disciple the people.

A few years into conducting leaders’ seminars, Marie had a vision while praying with a group of pastors in Tanzania. She saw a map of that country burst into flames, with the raging fire spreading quickly across the nation, then Africa, then outward to the world. As she pondered what the Lord was saying to her, clarity dawned in her heart in the form of a passionate vision for revival, centered in a revelation of Jesus’ final prayer in John 17. Networking for Revival Seminars resulted—leadership training coupled with a dynamic revelation of the unity of the Church.

Today Networking for Revival Seminars are taking place in five nations and producing good fruit. Despite hostile political climates in some of these areas, the Church is still coming to life in a new dimension, as true unity brings a oneness of purpose and vision for a nation’s salvation.

After 25 plus years in ministry in over 35 nations, Marie Brown Ministries has evolved through obedience into a powerful nation-impacting ministry to unify and mobilize the Church of Jesus Christ.


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